Two complely unique workshops:

Classics of Magic (ages 7-13)
Sleight-of-Hand Essentials (Ages 9-Adult)

Read the workshop descriptions below!

Special Introductory Price: $99.00

(Normaly $165.00)

CLASSICS OF MAGIC - Delve into an evening of amazement with the Classis of Magic Workshop! Designed for ages 7 to 13, this class presents you with all the props and knowledge you need to perform a really cool magic show for your friends and family! In this class we teach the secrets to many great tricks, demonstrate important pointers for the performance of magic, and give hands-on training so that your child can become a magician!

In this course your child will not only learn magic, but will also enjoy live performances of the effects from John B. Born. But that's not all - he/she will also bring home a custom Classics of Magic DVD that teaches all of the tricks learned in class!

SLEIGHT-OF-HAND ESSENTIALS - Ever had someone pull a coin out of your ear? Perhaps you were blown away at some point by a really cool card trick? Sleight-of-Hand Essentials is your child's introduction into the world of "street magic". Designed for ages 9 to 17, learn awesome magic with normal (or seemingly normal) props from around the house (cards, coins, rubberbands, etc.). This is magic designed to fit in your pocket, so your are ready perform anytime, anywhere!

In this course your child will recieve a professional card mat, a normal deck of cards, a trick deck of cards, a high-quality trick coin, rubberbands - everything needed for class. Your child will also get to enjoy live performances of these effects from John Born, as well as bring home a custom Sleight-of-Hand DVD that teaches all of the tricks learned in class!